Today, while teaching introduction to Akhlak, I took a we-fie of our standard 5 class. Then I showed everyone of them the picture.

I asked, did everyone of you just happened to look for your own face when I showed the picture?

Yes they did. And every one of us will too, normally.

I said, every one of us love ourselves. We love our face to look beautiful or handsome. We care so much of our face and appearances. Thus, we tend to search ourselves in a picture of many to make sure of it.

There goes the du’a we pray every time we look at a mirror.

اللهم كما حسنْت خَلقي فحسنْ خُلقي

O Allah, as You beautify our look, do beautify our personality (Akhlak).

As we love so much of our appearances to be beautiful, we must care for our Akhlak too, I concluded.

They nodded and I left the class, happily.

May Allah ease our journey, insya-Allah.